Jump on the cloud

Designed to leverage the cloud, the formstar
platform is a virtual software solution that's
flexible, scalable and outrageously efficient.

Manage your corporate print ordering online 24/7.
Seamlessly integrate into your existing ERP systems without throwing the cat amongst the IT pigeons. Adapt and expand the solution to accommodate business growth.

Anywhere, any time

With 24/7 access via the customised cloud-based web interface, you can manage, order or review print jobs anywhere, any time.

Fully managed

formstar is a print management software solution that's quick and simple to set-up, with no annoying IT roadblocks to cause you grief. You benefit from easy and controlled online print ordering, plus a streamlined production process from start to finish.

On demand, pay as you go

As a low cost cloud platform, formstar is incredibly cost efficient. You only pay for what you use with a small minimum monthly commitment.


formstar is a fully scalable cloud computing software solution. That means as your business expands, so can formstar.

High security

formstar resides in one of webqem's tier 1 data centres, monitored 24/7 and backed-up daily.

What our clients say

"As a Print Management company, we rely on formstar to provide a convenient and cost effective print ordering service to our high profile clients. formstar enables them to maintain control of their corporate stationery needs, and helps us connect them with the right printer for each job."

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