Lock and load

The magic behind formstar is the e-template. Automated, customised and easy to use, formstar's online document templates will save you time, money and energy.

Business card template. Stationery template. Brochure template. Simply tailor your formstar business template to suit a range of end products and 'lock away' certain artwork elements to help maintain brand consistency across your print communication.

On demand

Enjoy easy 24/7 online access to your portfolio of eTemplates.


Set-up document templates for different print applications, including business cards, stationery, brochures, newsletters, shop fronts, press ads and more.

Protect the good stuff

With the ability to 'lock' certain parts of your online template, approved users can adjust the variable content without altering important brand elements.

Can I see some ID?

Establish different levels of user access to monitor and control your print output.

Good to go

Create your pixel perfect print PDF and send to print. (Feel free to high-five the person sitting next to you for saving the company time and money.)

Bonjour! Konnichiwa!

formstar's eTemplates can be configured to accommodate a variety of languages.

What our clients say

"We use customised formstar templates for all our shop front and press advertising. It's fantastic.The set fields within the templates make sure our branding is consistent across the business and the easy editing features ensure quick turnarounds for all our printed material."

Leading Realtor Franchise