Asked Questions

What is formstar?

formstar is a PDF creation engine that produces automated artwork for print material such as corporate business cards, stationery, brochures, newsletters and advertisements. It enables businesses to control their corporate printing via flexible and easy to use online templates.

How does formstar work?

  1. Complete a customised online template for a new print job.
  2. Review and approve artwork online.
  3. Printer accesses the print ready file via web or email.
  4. Printer prints the job without the need to make adjustments or create artwork.
  5. Printer delivers job.

Who uses formstar?

formstar is ideal for marketing departments who need to print regular corporate branded communication. It's also perfect for print brokers and printers who wish to establish an efficient and cost effective way to supply print services to their clients.

How much does formstar cost?

How much have you got? Oh alright, refer to our pricing page for details on cost.

What image formats does formstar accept?

PDF, jpeg or tiff.

How do I access the print templates?

Online, 24/7 (in your pyjamas if you wish) via the formstar portal.

Can I integrate formstar into my intranet?

Yes, formstar is very friendly and loves integrating with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms and other business software systems.

Can multiple users access the template?

Yes, you can give secure access to selected users and control their ability to make changes to the elements within the template. Think of yourself as the all-powerful template gatekeeper.

Can I choose who prints our corporate material?

Absolutely. formstar can be set-up with the printer or print broker of your choice.